Amanda Macias

(STEM)2 Peer Mentor
Office Hours: Tues. 2:00-6:00 PM, Wed. 2:00-6:00 PM, Thurs. 2:00- 6:00 PM, Fri. 1:00-5:00 PM


I am a Physiology major with an emphasis in Genetics. Once I achieve my masters I hope to pursue a Ph.D. in either Wild Life conservation or Reproductive Physiology. With this degree I hope to develop innovative techniques for restoring critically endangered species and introducing them back into the wild. It is my dream to teach biology at the college level while working along side with San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research.

Jonathan Sosa

(STEM)2 Peer Mentor
Office Hours: Mon. 9:00-2:00 PM, Wed. 9:00-2:00 PM Fri. 1:00-5:00 PM


I am an aerospace engineering major. I am a patient and hardworking individual with the ability to adapt to various work environments. I always look for environments that will utilize my current abilities and aid the development of new skills. As I continue my educational career, I would like to graduate with a bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering and proceed into the private industry. I dream of the day that I could help create a convenient environment which will benefit those who work in transportation via aircraft.


David Rosales

(STEM)2 Peer Mentor
Office Hours: Mon. 9:00-2:00 PM, Wed. 9:00-2:00 PM, Fri. 9:00-1:00 PM


I am a first generation college student. On campus, I am involved in numerous clubs/organizations such as the Marine Biology club, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Chapter (SHPE) and the Puente Program. Outside of school, I work at an amusement park on the weekends as well as spending time with family and friends in my spare time. My major is Biology. Topics such as animal behavior, biogeology and evolution have always fascinated me while growing up. Beyond my educational journey here at Cypress College, I plan on furthering my academic career by transferring to either UC Santa Barbara or San Diego State University to achieve both my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution. I aspire to one day create my own nonprofit charity in wildlife and conservation in order to save endangered animals in the wild from extinction and help restore their depleting habitats.

Catherine Aburto

(STEM)2 Peer Mentor
Office Hours: Tues. 11:30-2:30 PM, Thurs. 9:00-2:30 PM, Fri. 9:30-12:30 PM


I am a Cognitive Science major. I am fascinated by how neural networks in the human brain are able to create complex processes like consciousness, thought, memory, and emotion. After earning my BS, I plan to move on to graduate school. My end goal is to enter the field of Neuropsychology, hopefully in a position where I am able to assess and create treatment plans for people who have cognitive deficits as a result of brain damage or mental illness.


Selina Jaimes Davila

Mechanical Engineering
(STEM)2 Peer Mentor
Office Hours: Mon. 2:00-6:00 PM,Tues. 2:00-6:00 PM, Wed. 2:00- 6:00 PM, Fri. 9:00 -1:00 PM


I am an AB 540 first-generation college student. I was part of the Puente Class #19 and the EOPS program. My major is Mechanical Engineering. One thing I admire about engineering is that engineers work together and rely on each other to succeed. I had the pleasure and opportunity to do Summer Research at CSUF with Dr. Gina Passante in Physics Education. I plan to transfer to either CSU Poly Pomona or UC Davis to achieve my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. As an engineer, I will help build a better world for our future generations.

Romel Baniago

(STEM)2 Photographer


I am a Mechanical Engineering major, and former aerospace machinist.  Growing up, I’ve always had a passion for inventing and fixing things, as well as learning how they made and designed.  After earning my degree, I hope to better humanity by using my experiences to develop new, practical, technologies that will benefit people here at home, as well as those in developing nations


Alysha Nunez

(STEM)2 Videographer


I am a film major. My passion in the arts is fueled by my curiosity to learn and fascination with traveling and treasure hunting. My experiences in earning my degree have sparked my future influences in creating the best possible products with a high level of craftsmanship. In the end, I hope to fulfill multiple dreams and enjoy new experiences and encounters in traveling.