CCCP Scholars Program at UCLA

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 3.19.07 PMUCLA’s Center for Community College Partnerships (CCCP) presents the CCCP Scholars Program. The goal of the program is to motivate, inform and prepare students to transfer from a California community college to a selective Top Tier Research institution such as UCLA. Students in the program have access to our summer and year-long academic preparatory transfer programs which guide students through the community college experience, the application and admissions process, research and pre-graduate opportunities and career exploration. The programs use Critical Race Theory as a framework to address issues from a social justice and educational equity perspective.

For a CCCP Scholars Handout, click here

For a list of the course choices for SITE PLUS, click here


1) Review requirements and select a summer program (for a description of each summer program, please click here or refer to the CCCP Scholars Handout above).

2) Complete CCCP Online Application (click here), including short answer essays which you can review below.

3) Submit additional Required documents:


*Recommendation Form (click to access form)

*Supplemental Form (click to download form)

NOTE: Students must be residents of California or the US (including undocumented students); international students who hold a current US Visa (F1 or other visa) are not eligible.

Questions for short essays

(Type 50-250 words in a word processor and copy and paste to online application):

A. What is your academic goal and how will a community college education help you achieve it?

B. Besides financial challenges, describe one specific challenge in achieving your academic goal.

C. Define what diversity means to you, your community, and its importance.

D. FOR SITE PLUS ONLY: How will taking your primary course choice help you achieve your academic goals?

E. FOR STP ONLY: How will learning about African-American history and resources at UCLA help you achieve your academic goals?

CCCP Scholars focuses on students who may have recently graduated (or completed equivalent requirement) from high school and plan to enroll in a community college in the fall OR students currently attending community college who are not following a transfer curriculum at the time of application and show potential for academic success, and who may

1. be the first in their family to go to college;

2. come from low-income backgrounds;

3. be non-traditional and/or parenting students;

4. be from underserved communities.

NOTE for Returning Scholars:

If you are a current or former CCCP Scholar, you must re-submit a new application with your most recent transcripts and Supplemental Form (the recommendation form is waived). Additionally, you will need to attend SITE LITE if you are not applying to or selected for another summer program. Returning scholars will be selected based on having completed their previous year CCCP Scholars agreement successfully.

CCCP Scholars Requirements

1. Must make a one-year commitment (Gold Scholars: 30 transferable semester units or more) or two-year commitment or more (Blue Scholars: less than 30 transferable semester units); Must renew membership every year.

2. Must attend one of the required summer programs (participants are awarded a scholarship that covers the cost of the program).

3. Must attend three Saturday Academies and the culmination during the academic year which are held at UCLA.


4. Must make contact with a peer mentor once a month (October through May, a total of eight 30-minute contacts).

5. Must maintain enrollment at a California Community College.

6. Must research and apply for at least one Scholarship.

7. Must maintain and update contact information (address, current community college, telephone and email address, etc.) and report academic and transfer progress each semester enrolled at a community college in the UC Transfer Planner.

8. Must complete pre- and post- transfer survey. Pre-transfer survey will be completed during the summer program and the post-transfer survey will be completed during the last term at the community college.

9. If admitted and enrolled at UCLA, must make a 20 hour per year commitment of volunteer work with CCCP.

Failure to meet any of the requirements will terminate participation with the CCCP Scholars Programs.